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NBC Bay Area News posted a video on YouTube covering an investigation into the California National Guard.  When the video was uploaded in November, it had one (1) comment. The very next day, the comment from the video was removed. Where the User commented on the video it stated, “Comment removed…Author withheld”.

We did some research to see who or what is Author Withheld.  The videos that I posted below discuss comments being removed from YouTube.  This video has nothing to do with my ongoing litigation with the California National Guard.  The videos below were posted to help get an understanding of what Author Withheld means.

The first video covers an investigation into the culture of the California National Guard/California Military Department and the second video discuss who or what is Author Withheld.

VIDEO 1: We Investigate: National Guard Part 1

User comments are removed from YouTube. It appears the video on whistleblowers in the California National Guard got one comment and that comment was removed see here:

NBC Bay Area News “We Investigate: National Guard Part 1” November 14, 2012 _Comment removed…Author withheld

VIDEO 2: Who the heck is author withheld? (I don’t know this person)

Well, its still not clear if YouTube, the User or Commenter to “We Investigate: National Guard Part 1” video removed the Comment.