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The California National GuardMilitary Department is now under investigation by NBC Bay Area and Los Angeles Investigative units. In a previous post it was pointed out that several other investigations were done by USA Today (2002) and the Sacramento Bee (2010).

In case number 10-6450, at the Ninth Circuit Court of AppealsPro se litigant, Janetra, placed on the record within her untimely supplemental excerpts of record articles published from investigative reporters from USA Today and the Sacramento Bee and her information was Stricken.

Pro se litigant, Janetra attempted to prove that the California National Guard had been under media investigations for over a decade, and that California Legislature would soon pass California Senate Bill 921, to serve a corrective measure to the unlawful culture in the California National Guard. Pro se litigant, Janetra placed a few articles written by Charles Pillar for the Sacramento Bee on the record at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and here what the Secretary of the Air Force had to say about media reports:

In her untimely submission, Appellant includes a series of publications and materials outside of the record, in violation of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Ninth Circuit Rules, as well as controlling case law. Her inclusion of this extraneous information, which consists mostly of commentary by the press, is wholly inappropriate, and the information should be stricken.

The Ninth Circuit Court however, believed that this information should be Stricken from the Record and on January 6, 2010 it granted the Secretarys motion to Stricken  from the record articles written by Charles Pillar and other investigative journalist.

To read what the Secretary of the Air Force had to say entirely,  you would have to read the documents below.   All my documents are stored on Scribd just in case you can’t view them below.

Keep in mind that these documents were filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal before California Senate Bill 921 (CA SB921). Please comment.