Hi Ya’ll! Need your help—

Do you know anyone who served in the National Guard and is still waiting for veteran benefits?  Are California legislators promising to make you whole after the Guards enlistment bonus scandal and you haven’t seen a cent?

I feel your frustration, it’s been eight years since I filed a federal complaint alleging the Guard maintained a Jim Crow evaluation system; that paid black dual-status technicians less than whites during the wars in Iraq  and Afghanistan. I also alleged the Guard deleted the policy after I complained about it in federal court.

The Guard does not play around, its’ been known to delete and throw pay records in the trash can.  I’ve written a book, “Still Waiting,” because I am still waiting on my veterans benefits.  I live in Fresno, California and I would like to hear your story, please comment, like and share my page.

Thank you,

Janetra Johnson