There is an unrecorded time period in the U.S. Federal courts in which Title VII dismissals or errors on appeal weren’t being documented or reconciled at all. During the California National Guards largest financial disaster there was no access to the legal system. I made a decision to fight for my pension in federal court and by writing a series of books explaining this undocumented time period when me and other African American soldiers were adversely impacted by the U.S. National Guards performance appraisal policy and practices. Please help soldiers and veterans find their missing money. If you know how to get a decade old Title VII error acknowledged and settled let me know.  Although most pay policies are neutral, when it comes to race, the a performance appraisal policy can be used in a negative way to categorize a person or groups iq, pay, appearance, skill, criminality, abilities and employment status within the military department.  Below is a list of events that happened after I put an end to the U.S. National Guards performance appraisal policy.


FEB 2009 | Opened federal inquiry into U.S. National Guards Performance Appraisal regulation

MAY 2009 | DOD administratively reissues Performance Appraisal regulation & Repealed NSPS

JUN 2009 | California National Guard started implementing new Performance Appraisal regulation

NOV 2009 | National Guard Bureau created new Performance Appraisal regulation & deleted previous version

NOV 2009 | California National Guard implemented new Performance Appraisal regulation

JUN 2005 | U.S. National Guard Performance Appraisal regulations deleted after the fact in November 2009

FEB 2014 | Reopened federal inquiry into U.S. National Guards Performance Appraisal regulation

SEP 2014 | U.S. EEOC Title VII Error Report Published after the fact for years 2008 – 2014

NDAA 2014 | U.S. National Guard Dual Status Technician claims of discrimination are considered claims made by a member of the Armed Forces.

The Solari report, released some nine months ago, by Mark and Catherine Austin Fitts point to trillions missing inside the Department of Defense from 1998 to 2015. In my research from 1997 to 2014, I point out two financial disasters happening at the same time inside the California National Guard. One in the U.S. Army and the other in the U.S. Air National Guard, both issues have not been resolved.

Please help the U.S. veterans and soldiers resolve our pay errors and pension issues as soon as possible. Forward this video to a professional accountant, attorney or journalist.